6 Factor to Purchase Best Led Ceiling Lights For Your Home

Every 10th shopkeeper is selling a LED surface mounted lights nowadays. Due to the price war, some sellers started to compromise with their quality to decrease their LED cost price. Their aesthetics looks excellent but the quality of the LED is poor. So what to consider when choosing between low and high-quality LED lights is always a question if you are not an LED light expert. But don't worry you just need to take care of the below points only.

5cm thickness, 1 feet , 10 inches, 8 inches diameter
Slim surface panel lights

How to identify Best Quality False Ceiling Surface Panel LED lights

There are six-factor you should consider to buy the best quality Ceiling LED light for any application.

  1. Light intensity

  2. Led Life

  3. Aesthetic Appearance

  4. Color Temperature

  5. Material Used

  6. Price

Light intensity: The unit for measuring electric power consumption is wattage, LED lights are known for power saving it means lower power consumption, and higher intensity lights are best to purchase. The right way to measure the efficiency of any light source is based on how many lumens they can produce per watt. As per research 110 lumen-per-watt is considered the best output intensity of any LED light.

LED Life: LED's have a general life expectancy of 50,000 hrs. If you use your lights for 10 hours a day, then the life of a LED should be 13.7 years. So forget about the warranty of LED a company providing you because it's just 10-20% of total life.

But in reality, no led product has that much of life, the reason is its electronics components which produce a lot of heat. However, it’s not the LEDs that produce that amount of heat, but rather the electronics components which produce lots of heat. when the heat extends its limits then these components fail to work. So it's not the LEDs that fail but the drivers which fail due to an excessive amount of heat. Some times due to environmental condition like in India heat increase to greater extend which cause failure. So quality requires not only good quality LED but also best quality electronic parts and proper heat sink management system.

Aesthetic appearance: A good quality surface panel roof light is nothing if it is not appealing good or doesn't fit into the interior. People always want something different which is not seen anywhere else. Lighting is the symbol of luxury so, everyone wants a different light which unique and appeals beautifully by its aesthetic appearance. Sometimes, the biggest changes to your home décor are also the easiest. That’s the case when it comes to lighting, Simply adding a lamp or swapping out pendant lights can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home – without a lot of effort. we prefer to always go with trends and choose top companies who always R&D to develop the best appealing decorative lighting products.

Color temperature: LED lighting is commonly available from 2800 K to 6500 K.

Warm white: 2700 K-3500 K (dusk time yellow light) Neutral white: 4000 K-4500 K (bright sunlight little yellow) Cool white: 5000 K-6500 K (pure white, cool daylight)

Material Used: Material used should be selected in such a way that it should not have a rusting problem and it maintains its surface finish for a long time. We all know that LED and associated electric components produce a lot of heat also, So a material used to construct its body should also act as a heat sink which acts as a sink to remove the heat from a system. So in a LED light, when heat is produced from the LED, the heat sink removes the heat from it thereby ensuring continuous removal of heat from the system and bettering the efficiency of the LED light.

The best material know to make LED lights are aluminum, as it doesn't have the rusting problem as well as the best heat conductor.

Price: Most of the buyers think that they are paying a higher cost of led quality only. In Reality, Higher prices are just for their aesthetic looks, High-end LEDs are just slightly costly than low-grade lights. Forget the warranty; one or two years are just 10% of the total working hours. Always consider only the above factors at cheaper prices before purchasing any flush-mounted light.