Resolution- 2020

Updated: Aug 29

We keep improving to provide you better Product Quality and Service

Our company board of directors has decided to disclose our resolutions of every year in front of our customers. A satisfied customer is the result of our all efforts, the best way to analyze our performance can be done by customers only.

best quality chandeliers
Quality of Chandelier

We are always trying to enhance our user experience, product quality, and fast delivery. We are feeling proud to announce to you that in doing that we had taken some progressive steps like

  1. Ecommerce platform

  2. Fixed range of well-selected products

  3. Tie-Ups with fast transportation logistics

Most importantly, we have started our in-house R&D department, which is working too fast to improve our product quality, in resent year our R&D department helped us to shift from painting to powder coating and glass coloring to lusters. Multiple groups of engineers are deployed at different R&D centers of five different engineering colleges where they are continuously working too hard on every aspect of quality so that we can fulfill all of our commitments.

We are committed to improving ourselves, in doing this our Research team finds out a list of well-selected products based on the taste of 10,000s of interior designers and architects, so that 80% of the upcoming sales can be achieved from running items only. The benefit of running items is to provide you fast delivery and well-researched quality goods.

Due to high pressure on the sales team, we find out that we are losing our customers due to lack of attention on every customer. To resolve this issue, we have launched our e-commerce platform ( to enhance user experience.

1000s of new designs have already been uploaded to our website to extend your scope of selection. We are still working to develop more designs of decorative lights so, that our regular range of lights can fulfill all of your requirements completely.

We are also continuously working to decrease our prices by decreasing the cost of production. In doing this we have introduced some inhouse machines this year like Laser cutting machine. This laser cutting machine not only decreases our production cost but also increases our cutting quality. Our teams also purchased 3D printers for R&D purposes so that we can decrease more cost to the product shortly when our R&D will be completed.

We are proudly announced that we have successfully resolved all the issues of the year 2020. If still, there are any issues with Jagmag lights we will be glad to resolve them too.

Thank you for being our valuable and most supported customers. Hope you and your family are healthy and safe in this pandemic.

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