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Explore our wide range of decorative lights like Chandeliers, Hanging Lights, Wall Lamps, Table Lamps, and Floor Lamps.

Chandeliers and jhumar


Explore our wide range or modern and contemporary chandeliers (Jhumar)

Pendent lights, hanging lights, suspended lights

Hanging lights

Whether you like glass, crystal, metal or fabric, no worries we have all designs.

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Wall Lights

Wall lamps is our specialty, we have world class design, crafted by experts.

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Standing Lamps

Every corner or table will glow when our table lamps and floor lamps illuminate there. 


We try to make every decorative light just picture-perfect, which can be adjusted to any interior decoration. All of our fancy lights are fabricated by keep in mind that they should be minimalistic with very calm lighting for a comfortable feeling. Jagmag Lights has been manufacturing a wide range of home decor fancy lighting products over the years through our dedicated skilled craftsmanship.

Decorative Lighting Products

Our home decor products range widely in size, design, and finish but share one common element, the sense of pride we take in all our work. Jagmag lights understand the resources and effort required in completing every project and consequently ensure full project protection. Click on the product categories below to explore our wide range of decorative lights products.

Chandeliers (Jhumar)

Chandeliers are commonly known as jhumars in India. Many kinds of chandeliers are available in the market nowadays, like crystal chandeliers, fabric chandeliers, metal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, LED chandeliers, acrylic chandeliers, Stairs chandeliers, dining table chandeliers, room chandeliers, and many more...

crystal chandelier

Wall lights

Wall lights are the category of decorative light. you can shop so many kinds of wall lights like, mirror lights, bedside wall lamps, lobby lamps, gate lamps, Up & downlights, LED lamps, crystal wall lamps, wall sconces, wall decor lights, fabric shade lamps, glass wall lights, and many others...

crystal Wall light

Table and floor lamps

Standing lamps is a common name for Table lamps and floor Lamps. There are so many kinds of standing lamps available with us, study lamps, table lamps, sofa side lamps, bed side lamps, dinning table lamps, floor lamps, and many more...

crystal Table Lamp

Hanging Lights

Hanging light is the most precious jewelry of decorative light. Hanging lights are categorized into many types, fabric hanging lights, glass hanging lights, crystal hanging lights, bedside hanging lights, hanging lights for dining, planter hanging lights, and many more..

crystal Hanging light

Inhouse Fancy Lights Manufacturing

Our home decoration journey started in 2010 when we took the responsibility to change the Indian disorganized fancy lights market.

Jagmag Lights succeeded in fabricating made-in-India decorative lighting products and proved that fancy lights manufactured in India could also be exported to the rest of the world.

We are producing the world’s most inexpensive decorative lights and proving that the quality of Indian products can be far better and more reliable than the lights we import from China.

We believe in customer reviews, thousands of fancy lights have already been installed to different hotels, banquets and residential places with zero complaints is the only reward we achieved.

Dinning Chandelier
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Get a perfect decorative light

If you have any design of any decorative light from Google, Pinterest, or light suggested by your interior designer, whether it is for vintage or modern Interior no matter, we can fabricate any light for you.

Perfect decorative light for a perfect interior decoration is like a pair of shoes, if it fits on your feet then you will enjoy its comfort otherwise it starts to bite your feet.

The new age of home decoration has begun now, it's time to invest less and get a value-for-money product. Jagmag Lights proudly announce the concept of customization. We not only just customize your fancy light but also your budget to make them more affordable for you.



It is possible that you cannot be satisfied with the world’s best decorative lights because every interior decoration is different from one another so the fancy light for it should be unique by its design, size, or maybe color.

We aim to fabricate decorative lights for everyone no matter whether your quantity is low or high, so feel free to share your idea or design on our WhatsApp number.

Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy Lights for home decoration,Chandelier for banquet hall

Know more about us

Your home decor always reflects your unique personality and speaks about your taste in interior decoration. A home is not just the four corners and a structure of four walls, but together all home décor items with a touch of your love and creativity in decoration are something that transforms a house into a home. 

The beautiful collection at Jagmag Lights is to decor your home and make it Instagram-worthy. We know your understanding of color, and design choices. So, we bring you some specially selected, unique, decorative lights for your home with the décor style that is modern plus unique and energy-efficient to match your taste.

crystal-chandelier, Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy Lights for home decoration

Best Collection of Fancy Lights

Our Team works too hard to improve our offering and bring the best products for home decoration to inspire you with our unique collection of products. Brighten up your living room, garden, balcony, or kitchen with our beautiful collection of decorative lights. 

Home Décor Brand Since 2015

Lighting is crucial to the way we live, work and feel, which is why we’re passionate about helping our customers live brighter with the right lighting choices. We are manufacturing since 2015 with a great team of skilled craftsmanship and customer support.

crystal ring chandelier, Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy Lights for home decoration
ring chandelier, Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy Lights for home decoration

Trend-Setter In Home Décor and Lighting

We travel throughout the world to find out the best design of fancy lights for you, that’s why we are known for our trendy lights. Every year, we lead the way in interior decoration with our unique fancy lights and endlessly changing inventory.

Best Designs To Shop Online

Fancy lights not only express the status and identity but also gives you a feeling of comfort. We also try to maintain your comfort by bringing an online shopping store for you. Now all the decorative lights are just one click away from you.

crystal chandelier, Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy Lights for home decoration
crystal bead chandelier, Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy Lights for home decoration

Unique Custom made Light Fixtures

Even the best product range can sometimes fail to meet a project’s specific requirements. Together we can develop any lighting product whether it is traditional or Modern does not matter. We can make any light that can perfectly fit into your aesthetic need for interior decoration.

Home Décor- Decorative lights or Fancy L


Avail the opportunity before someone else grab it

Jagmag lights is a brand deals in all kind of home decor lights ( like Chandeliers, Hangings, Wall Lights, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, LED Lights and many other decorative lights, etc.). We are in the process of identifying potential reputable distributors who would help us enter this market by becoming dealers to our fancy light products. 

We are offering high-profit rates with risk-free dealership terms, which I am sure you will find very intriguing. You can be our next potential dealer in your area, will you be interested in collaborating with us.


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